Monday, September 17, 2012

frozen yoghurts parlours springs up in calcutta

of late frozen yoghurts parlour has started in calcutta the first being Yoforia on loudon street near bellevue
its not an ice cream its a probiotic frozen yoghurts ...its something new  thing for the calcuttan people .. they sell ice cream by weight ..yoforia charges .70 paise per gram , yogo charges .65 per gramme., you take your own flavour directly from the vending machine and add fruits , other items on it they will weigh it and you will be bliied , average cut is about Rs 100/ per person .

                                            yogo on new alipore opp dominos 

                                  yoforia on loudon street 

my pick yogo a shade better , but it would take time to teach people in calcutta about a new concept 

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