Saturday, December 18, 2010

paneer parantha @kaka di hatti Chandni chowk Delhi

I bet not a single person can eat this size paneer parantha which is served by kaka di hatti chandni chowk delhi .. the place is rustic with no aircon but it has its own charm   ... i bet no one can beat the place .. they also serve about 10 other varieties of paranthas ... i ask people to go there and have a go at the paranthas .. winter the best time to eat ... there

ghughi@ vidyasagar street North Calcutta

This ghughni (potaoes mashed and chana cooked together ) is a typical bengali fast food sold in many ways but this type is only sold by this vendor in vidyasagar street copy or branch ...wanna taste it contact me

the ghughi as it is served in patta....with stick 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Malai chamcham from Ganguram & sons

i am writing about malai chamcham from ganguram and sons ( sarat bose road )    they are really great ....

i suggest you eat it when its fresh ......dont put it in a freezer  the taste would go away and it will become hard ...

Orange Son Papdi of nagpur

i am writing about the orange son papdi ( made out of besan  and sugar )...its really good and its available all over nagpur  ie , haldirams etc.....

they are so lite and so nice to eat ... soon i will write about son papdi of calcutta

Monday, August 30, 2010

2 nd offsite meeting report

The second meeting went off well at the banana leaf , we were lucky that oldest member participated , there meeting rolled on for 1 hr 30 mins plus , members  brought food items made from home .....
Peyaji or onion fritters brought by Mr.Vikrant Dudhoria

We have moved towards a new direction called moving lunch on a selected sunday , we would go shop hopping for one good item per store ....

hope to write more about our offsite meetings 

Friday, August 27, 2010

2 nd offsite meeting today

We are meeting today on 6.30 pm  at banana leaf  lake market calcutta for the 2 nd meeting for the great veg food of calcutta page members .. i hope it would be a success. 
i again request people to join .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghewar a Rajasthani traditional mithai

Well i love ghewar and the best is available in Rajasthan , though ghewar preparation differs  from place to place in rajasthan but i like the best ghewar from jaipur .

Ghewar is a delicious Rajasthani sweet, consists of rounded cakes of wheat flour which suger syrup is poured. Ghewar sweet known for its matchless sweetness comes in varieties such as plain, desi ghee, paneer and mawa. Paneer ghewar is garnished with paneer and is highly demanded for their tasty flavor.
It is generally prepared in January for Makar Sankranti, in March-April for Gangaur and in July-August for the Teej festival.
the best ghewar for me is available in the following store in gheewalo ka rasta in johri bazar old jaipur ..

ghevar making video

Friday, August 6, 2010

dilkhushal mithai from gangaur

This is not a  publicity for any shop ...but i can say that the dilkhushal

from gangaur sweets russel street calcutta is the best ....the best part 

the best part is that quality is same over the years .

the cleaniliness at the workshop and the shop is worth mentioning.....i think the best in town in that matter ...

the store photo .....

i can say its the best ......

Friday, July 30, 2010

telebhaja ( oil fried ) shops of Calcutta

This is is one of my favourite  it is situated on bidhan sarani on north calcutta , serves vegeterian telebhaja items the items are deep oil fried.

the best is the vegetable cutlet and sabudanar chop observation is that the quality has gone down a bit stilll very good... they serve free to the poor on 23rd january on netajis birthday .

i discovered this shop in last visit about a month ago  its bang opposite the laxmi narayan shop  ... one interesting item is the singhara patties .. item is good ..... must have a try .......

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Til ka ladoo from Bhagalpur Bihar India

The Til ka ladooo or we call it Bhagalpuri hawa ladoo is a delicacy made in Bhagalpur Bihar ...what i know its  a vanishing item with only one person still making it is made out of till  ( sesame seeds) its very light and its sweet to eat i bet anytime we can eat about three four at a time ....its not available in any shop so its a unique item

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eating at Gianni Di Hatti Fethepuri, Chandni Chowk ..Old Delhi

I have been visiting Gianni Di Hatti regularly for the past 15 yrs whenever i go to Delhi ..its  a place i just adore ...i bet the food served there is just mind blowing .....its a bit rustic but a great value for money....the paneer parathas , dal  are just out of the world ... you would require three people to finish one parantha ......


then to top all the giani falouda and the milkshakes they are the best in India , the way they make its awesome
 choice is that you go there twice once for the food and once for the milkshakes and cannot have both together

Saturday, May 29, 2010

its mango season

Well i am not a gifted writer .....i hope everybody enjoys it fromm the viewpoint of  a foodie .. i love to eat so i wanted to put my love for food and the experience of good food for the people to know .... everybody loves mangoes so do i .....there are many items about mangoes ......fistly i would love to write about the mango mithai that is made from mango nectar by bhim nag , when you eat the mithai the smell of mango reverbs inside your mouth i  cannot describe more have to eat it to know more ......its  not available always due to demand ....please see the photos the first one is about the nectar one

the second one  is for the raw mango taste ie green mango

                                           the third one  is  how it is sold in the  bhim nag shop

i hope every body has a lovely time......i will be adding more on mangoes today

Friday, May 28, 2010

history of rossogolla

The Rosogolla (Rasgulla) was invented in the state of Orissa, where it has been a traditional sweet dish for centuries. Arguably, the best rosogollas in Orissa are made by Bikalananda Kar from the town of Salepur, near Cuttack. Another variety of this dish, that is made in the town of Pahala, located between the cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, is also very popular. One theory pinpoints the origin of the rosogolla to the town of Puri in coastal Orissa, where it is a traditional offering to the local deities.
The recipe for making rosogollas eventually found its way from Orissa to neighbouring West Bengal. This was during the Bengal renaissance when brahmin cooks from Orissa, especially from Puri, were routinely employed in richer Bengali households. They were famed for their culinary skills and commonly referred to as Ude Thakurs (Oriya brahmin-cooks). As a result, many Oriya delicacies got incorporated into the Bengali kitchen. It is widely believed that in 1868, Nobin Chandra Das of Bagbazar, Kolkata, modified the original recipe to extend the shelf life of the highly perishable sweet and make it marketable. This modification made the rosogolla somewhat spongier and tougher and also, as some maintain, compromised on the dish's taste. Nevertheless, Das earned the sobriquet, "rosogolla's Columbus" within local circles. His son, K. C. Das started canning rosogollas leading to their even wider availability. Another Bengali claim credits a certain Haradhan Maira for the recipe's introduction in Bengal in place of Nobin Chandra Das.
Eventually, the popularity of rosogolla spread to all other parts of India and to the rest of the world.

how to make rossogolla video

rossogolla making video

Types of rosogollas found in and around calcutta

mango rosogolla at nandala at sukea street

chochlate rossogolla at gupta bros , balaram mullick

gurer rossogolla at guptas , balaram and many  more places


rossogolla my eternal favourite item , wher eever i go i try to sample it ....over the years have developed a idea about them .....talking about them reminds us of Nobin chandra das the man credited for inventing the rossogolla , the shop is still there as girish avenue in north calcutta , good rossogolla can be found at chiitaranjan sweets , bhabatarini , kc das  an d many more 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

well am begining the blog by asking people who have seen my face book page about  good vegeterian food of calcutta ..... i owe my passion to this page so i start bloging writing abt this page .. please follow the link!/group.php?gid=54669647506&v=info

the baby takes its first steps

Well i may not be a great writer but can put my viewpoint easily through my simple words.....through this page i wish to write about the great range of vegeterian food that is available in India , the great street foods .....the great mithai (sweet) shops .......i thought it was time to put my ideas into words then write them ....i should thank my old friend Niladri who pushed me to blog .. i hope that everybody would like it ....