Saturday, December 18, 2010

paneer parantha @kaka di hatti Chandni chowk Delhi

I bet not a single person can eat this size paneer parantha which is served by kaka di hatti chandni chowk delhi .. the place is rustic with no aircon but it has its own charm   ... i bet no one can beat the place .. they also serve about 10 other varieties of paranthas ... i ask people to go there and have a go at the paranthas .. winter the best time to eat ... there

ghughi@ vidyasagar street North Calcutta

This ghughni (potaoes mashed and chana cooked together ) is a typical bengali fast food sold in many ways but this type is only sold by this vendor in vidyasagar street copy or branch ...wanna taste it contact me

the ghughi as it is served in patta....with stick