Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RadhaBallavi @ Ganguram shop Maniktata Calcutta

This is the original ganguram shop in north calcutta it is over 100 yrs old and the radhaballavi ( a bengali puri with filling inside) with aloo dum is out of the world ....

Two radhaballavi and aloo dum costs about rs 20 there and  the place is clean enough to eat there ..
dont miss this place 

Nakul Dana @Vidyasagar street Calcutta

This is a unique item of a vendor of Vidyasagar Street Calcutta , peanuts are covered with sugar coating chasni . Its so nice to eat and so much different

He packs it in a paper packet and sells hawking in the street , its rs 5 per packet .

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dal Chawal madiya ...old delhi style

The simple Dal Chawal (Rice ) Madiya (cooked water) of Old delhi style is something out of the world .....the taste of madiya is just be made anywhere as it requires Delhi water .....its simple to cook but nice to eat

Saturday, January 1, 2011

South Indian Idly @bengal rowing Club Calcutta

the idly at bengal rowing club Rabindra sarobar in Calcutta i think its the best in Calcutta ... do have a try if u catch hold of any member .. its  hot crispy and streamy ....

Neemus the winter milk preparation

Neemus is a traditional Sheherwali preparation that is done during the winters .....the buffalo milk is heated for sometime during the night and then sugar is added during heating then the milk is left to cool on the rooftop for the night time so that the morning due is collected on it ...the milk is brought down in early morning then with

with a  egg beater the milk is churned in a big utensil  sometimes made of earthen clay ......

its a royal item and a lip smacking one ....