Saturday, June 26, 2010

Til ka ladoo from Bhagalpur Bihar India

The Til ka ladooo or we call it Bhagalpuri hawa ladoo is a delicacy made in Bhagalpur Bihar ...what i know its  a vanishing item with only one person still making it is made out of till  ( sesame seeds) its very light and its sweet to eat i bet anytime we can eat about three four at a time ....its not available in any shop so its a unique item

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eating at Gianni Di Hatti Fethepuri, Chandni Chowk ..Old Delhi

I have been visiting Gianni Di Hatti regularly for the past 15 yrs whenever i go to Delhi ..its  a place i just adore ...i bet the food served there is just mind blowing .....its a bit rustic but a great value for money....the paneer parathas , dal  are just out of the world ... you would require three people to finish one parantha ......


then to top all the giani falouda and the milkshakes they are the best in India , the way they make its awesome
 choice is that you go there twice once for the food and once for the milkshakes and cannot have both together