Monday, June 25, 2012

malai Roll @yadav milk supply ..burrabazar calcutta

Malai roll sold at yadav milk supply next to jain temple burra bazar on narayan prasad babu lane a 

unique item .. i dont thin k its sold anywhere in calcutta ... you have to add a bit of gulab jal ( rosewater) and 

some sugar and feel like a king while eating it'

malai roll as sold 

 the rate chart of  yadav milk  supply

Monday, June 18, 2012

bihari sattu walla in calcutta street

sattu wallla was a very common site in every corner of calcutta street but their tribe is decreasing day by day i myself like the sattu ..because its from besan and gives very high energy .....

had a sattu lunch today 

folow the wikipedia link on sattu

i may add soon the way it is made.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer refreshers of chandni chowk delhi

Chandni chowk delhi gives soemthing special for every time of the year ..during the summer months  ..there are some places which cannot be ignnored  the first stop should be
pandit ved prakash lemon wale opp nai sarak on main chandni chowk

i hope many have stood there and drank the goli wala lemon 

second stop should be 

kuremals coolfi  at sitaram bazar 

hi mango kulfi is famous 

his jamun kulfi 

do visit the place its unique .......