Saturday, November 24, 2012

anand @central avenue

Anand @ central avenue ...i visited the place after few months ... it was one of my favourite place always ....

ordered  few items ... the quality of food is so oily and the standard has gone down  ...

the place is dirty and top it all they are charging for extra chutney and sambhar and  a  unique menu card where you get menu items in Rs 69.10  like this ..overall i suggest avoid anand...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moyras ( sweet makers ) from Bengal

I understand few people know about the traditional  village moyras (halwai, sweet makers ) of Bengal they can be seen in village melas  only seen in calcutta during the pujas .
this people whom i met at northern park in calcutta they come from Diamond Harbour ....
they sell the mithais in kgs and their items are quite different from what is sold in the mithai stores of calcutta

Saturday, September 22, 2012

TTBT ( the tea bush table) a new tea room in Calcutta

TTBT a new tea room has opened its doors recently opp laxminarayan mandir off sarat bose road , the shop is not visible from sarat bose rd , you have to get inside the gully to find it .
i went their on 20/9/2012 in the nite time , the ambience of the pace looks good ,

 the menu card is full of tea items and food , we treid the cardamom and the ginger lemon

pocket  pinch was @rs 100 plus per person , the ginger lemon tea was good , cardamom tasted a bit benadryl , either people have to devlop the taste , some service things are a issue  strainers should be give separately for each variety of tea and the menu card should mention   that its a cost of a pot not of a cup ..clarity should be there ......
rest the service was okay ...if all goes well it should do well ....

Monday, September 17, 2012

frozen yoghurts parlours springs up in calcutta

of late frozen yoghurts parlour has started in calcutta the first being Yoforia on loudon street near bellevue
its not an ice cream its a probiotic frozen yoghurts ...its something new  thing for the calcuttan people .. they sell ice cream by weight ..yoforia charges .70 paise per gram , yogo charges .65 per gramme., you take your own flavour directly from the vending machine and add fruits , other items on it they will weigh it and you will be bliied , average cut is about Rs 100/ per person .

                                            yogo on new alipore opp dominos 

                                  yoforia on loudon street 

my pick yogo a shade better , but it would take time to teach people in calcutta about a new concept 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Veda : A new restaurent in calcutta

A new restaurent Veda  has opened in park street recently ..

the food is good but the taste is not typical calcuttan which is generally sweetish ...

much muche corn starter

paneer pudina tikka

death by rabri

the chandelier

the table

it may be a bit different to some people..
the decor is beautiful and the ambience is good

pocket pinch medium ....the service was good  and the presentation of the food was excellent ..

death by rabri the best item ......

 i can say people can have a try ...

Monday, June 25, 2012

malai Roll @yadav milk supply ..burrabazar calcutta

Malai roll sold at yadav milk supply next to jain temple burra bazar on narayan prasad babu lane a 

unique item .. i dont thin k its sold anywhere in calcutta ... you have to add a bit of gulab jal ( rosewater) and 

some sugar and feel like a king while eating it'

malai roll as sold 

 the rate chart of  yadav milk  supply

Monday, June 18, 2012

bihari sattu walla in calcutta street

sattu wallla was a very common site in every corner of calcutta street but their tribe is decreasing day by day i myself like the sattu ..because its from besan and gives very high energy .....

had a sattu lunch today 

folow the wikipedia link on sattu

i may add soon the way it is made.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer refreshers of chandni chowk delhi

Chandni chowk delhi gives soemthing special for every time of the year ..during the summer months  ..there are some places which cannot be ignnored  the first stop should be
pandit ved prakash lemon wale opp nai sarak on main chandni chowk

i hope many have stood there and drank the goli wala lemon 

second stop should be 

kuremals coolfi  at sitaram bazar 

hi mango kulfi is famous 

his jamun kulfi 

do visit the place its unique .......

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mihi dana Ladoo from kanpur @ banarasi mistanna bhandar

I think everybody knows about the ladoo of kanpur of banarasi mistanna bhandar of kanpur situated at the heart of the city at birhana road its a very old shop , their ladoo is the most famous , though they make other good items like tiranga , barfis , kala peda .....should not miss when in kanpur

Monday, April 16, 2012

ramkrishna food home @ bhupendermansions @lake road

The ramkrishna food home at lake road also reffered as bhupender mansions is a  old south indian joint of calcutta , the place is non ac but the food is very good and reasonable ....the place is old .. the main attraction is the oil free dosa and the rava dosa , the coffee is just typical south indian people would love to eat here .

the rava dosa was great

sambar and the coffee nice 

the guests 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

dal kochuri @ opposite purabi cinema road calcutta

dal kochuri is a dying art in calcutta .. i discovered a shop opposite purabi cinema  in calcutta that still sells dal kochuri .. do try the shop the quality is reasonably okay .