Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gatte Ka Khichdi (Rice)

Gatte ka khicdi (Rice) is a rajasthani preparation that is not found in many retaurents except some rajasthani ones in few places..this item is cooked at rajasthani homes  and just love to eat it ... it as done in my home recently

The white cold milk liquid is added to the khichdi ( Rice )

                                                       papad is a part of the food and is eaten with it

                                                       the white milk liquid called shikran

well for the recipe i have added some site that will help you  see them


Thursday, February 17, 2011

milk bubbles (neemus) making video...

This is a  joinder to the neemus making article that i wrote a few days  back .. people wanted to know about how to make it i shot a video while was being made in our home and i hope it helps people ....
you have first boil the cow or buffolo milk in the nite add sugar , rose water to it , the boiling should be about 30-60 min as per the quantity of the milk ....then put the milk in a container and put it in the freezer overnite ... next morning take the milk out and see the video ....put the milk in a big container and then put tthat container in the bigger container and put some ice in the bigger container to make the milk container cold ...the milk should be cold  ......then do it witha egg beater ...and take the cream out in a spoon and serve as shown in the video ....
i hope everybody likes it
click the video link below and do it yourself at home 

the photo

Happy (Milk bubbles) Neemus  eating ....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nolen gur Ice Cream

Nolen gur is prepared by collecting palm saps or ambrosial drops in earthen pots which are tied to the trees throughout the night and brought down carefully the crack of the dawn....Its a traditional item of Bengal during winter months ......some specialisation has been done a shop fruity freeze a rollick shop on Gurusaday road Ballygunge are of south Calcutta ..they have made a nolen gur ice cream    its very nice .. rs 40/ scoop is the cost