Saturday, September 22, 2012

TTBT ( the tea bush table) a new tea room in Calcutta

TTBT a new tea room has opened its doors recently opp laxminarayan mandir off sarat bose road , the shop is not visible from sarat bose rd , you have to get inside the gully to find it .
i went their on 20/9/2012 in the nite time , the ambience of the pace looks good ,

 the menu card is full of tea items and food , we treid the cardamom and the ginger lemon

pocket  pinch was @rs 100 plus per person , the ginger lemon tea was good , cardamom tasted a bit benadryl , either people have to devlop the taste , some service things are a issue  strainers should be give separately for each variety of tea and the menu card should mention   that its a cost of a pot not of a cup ..clarity should be there ......
rest the service was okay ...if all goes well it should do well ....