Saturday, May 29, 2010

its mango season

Well i am not a gifted writer .....i hope everybody enjoys it fromm the viewpoint of  a foodie .. i love to eat so i wanted to put my love for food and the experience of good food for the people to know .... everybody loves mangoes so do i .....there are many items about mangoes ......fistly i would love to write about the mango mithai that is made from mango nectar by bhim nag , when you eat the mithai the smell of mango reverbs inside your mouth i  cannot describe more have to eat it to know more ......its  not available always due to demand ....please see the photos the first one is about the nectar one

the second one  is for the raw mango taste ie green mango

                                           the third one  is  how it is sold in the  bhim nag shop

i hope every body has a lovely time......i will be adding more on mangoes today

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