Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flurys the only original tea room in India

 I think flurys requires no introduction in india or abroad we have been going to flurys from the day we have gained sense , i have been to flurys at park street in the old times and also in the new avatar the new one is much better then the old one .....i like the best item in flurys is the
beans on toast

it is simple out of the world .......i dont find any comparision of it ......

secondly i like the bread  and pastry products of flurys 

the bakery section is good but sorely miss the pineapple tart , kismiss buns variety which they have stopped making 
new addition dark chochlates are good but require some refinement ..

well flurys cannot end with a cup of darjeeling tea .....i find the new place has better service peole who are more courteous ....

the new  flurys   

the charm of old flurys  still remains in us  which  was some what like this 

I hope that this will help people rememeber the old flurys  which shifted to T# bang opposite park street flurys.

 i thank Sangeet Kothari and mabaker whose photo i have used.
flurys have gone online  ......

you can reach flurys  using google  maps  
click on the link below

Happy eating in flurys .........

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