Monday, September 2, 2013

Baati Chokha : UP fine veg dining arrives in Calcutta

Baati Chokha situated in the corner of Triangular Park on Rash behari Avenue , 37/1 Purna Das Raod , the restaurent is small but the decor is lively , the service is very good , its for the first time Up food comes to calcutta ....pocket pinch not heavy

                                                            The innovative menu card 

The pattal or the plate 

The Decor

Farha the starter made out of rice

The paneer and sattu batti



Sattu ka Roti 

Gur ka kheer 

the restaurent entrance 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lebu Cha ( Salted lemon Tea ) : "ADDA"the original lebu cha pioneers in Calcutta

Lebu Cha ( Salted lemon Tea ) : "ADDA"the original lebu cha pioneers in Calcutta,

The shop is situated at Sahitya Parishad street and Bidhan Sarani crossing its a 70 year old shop and the pioneers of lemon tea in Calcutta ...they charge Rs 4 per cup of tea....its just heaven....

How the tea is made 

                                                          Lebu cha 9 Salted Lemon Tea)

                                                      the third generation owner
                                                           the ghughni
                                                                 the shop

Friday, June 14, 2013

Murshidabad ( West bengal, India) Mangoes.

Its summer time and time for murshidabad mangoes which people do not know much about , the mangoes are not known much outside bengal ....there were once 100 varieties of murshidabad mangoes limited to about 20 varieties .some are known as bimli , rani , koitur , fazli , aanaras , chanpa ,kalapahar ,ranipasand , nawabpasand , mirzapasand ,bira,sindura  doodhia , begumpasand , sadola,.,panja totapuri , surma , mulayamzam ...

the mango arrives

the assortment done

how the murshidabadi aam is cut sheherwali style 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chunnilal bhujiawala @ cottonstreet calcutta

Chunnilal bhujiawala happens to be the only shop as per my knowledge in calcutta which sells garam besan with kachouri and bhujia ....the ppreparation is so nice that you would go again to eat it

its situated in burrabazar area.....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

anand @central avenue

Anand @ central avenue ...i visited the place after few months ... it was one of my favourite place always ....

ordered  few items ... the quality of food is so oily and the standard has gone down  ...

the place is dirty and top it all they are charging for extra chutney and sambhar and  a  unique menu card where you get menu items in Rs 69.10  like this ..overall i suggest avoid anand...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moyras ( sweet makers ) from Bengal

I understand few people know about the traditional  village moyras (halwai, sweet makers ) of Bengal they can be seen in village melas  only seen in calcutta during the pujas .
this people whom i met at northern park in calcutta they come from Diamond Harbour ....
they sell the mithais in kgs and their items are quite different from what is sold in the mithai stores of calcutta

Saturday, September 22, 2012

TTBT ( the tea bush table) a new tea room in Calcutta

TTBT a new tea room has opened its doors recently opp laxminarayan mandir off sarat bose road , the shop is not visible from sarat bose rd , you have to get inside the gully to find it .
i went their on 20/9/2012 in the nite time , the ambience of the pace looks good ,

 the menu card is full of tea items and food , we treid the cardamom and the ginger lemon

pocket  pinch was @rs 100 plus per person , the ginger lemon tea was good , cardamom tasted a bit benadryl , either people have to devlop the taste , some service things are a issue  strainers should be give separately for each variety of tea and the menu card should mention   that its a cost of a pot not of a cup ..clarity should be there ......
rest the service was okay ...if all goes well it should do well ....